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372. Agricultural Potential from Chisec, Alta Verapaz

372. Agricultural Potential from Chisec, Alta Verapaz

The rural area of Guatemala has lots of strengths and potentials that has to be harnessed for the Integrated Rural Development. Has more than 360 micro climates which make it a perfect place for the cultivation of seeds, fruits and vegetables.


For its agricultural potential "Isla El Remolino" Village is called: "The Central America Paradise"

Has rich soil for the cultivation of serrano pepper, corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, citrus, avocado, among others.

The majority of the  people of this community are engaged in farming, they teach their children to work in this and will transmit knowledge generation by generation.

For the most part are corn crops and depending of the seeds and with a good treatment to the crops, there are farmers that have produced 140 bushels of corn in a square.

To realize the different agricultural process in planting, fumigation, mantainance and harvest, it is used people from the community, which helps in the incomes to their support and their families.  

A great part of the production is sold in Chisec, Coban and other people come from eastern and westerns of Guatemala in trucks to buy products.

The watermelon that is produced in this community is from excellent quality that’s why buyers come from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras y Mexico, to consume in this countries.

Little by little farmers have been technifying to obtain a major productivity, they use tractors for the good treatment of the soil, which helps them to be more competitive, also they have shellers to make more efficient the corn shelling.

Normally in this community it is harvest 2 times in the year and when the winter doesn't take longer, it can be harvest 3 times.

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