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370. Social and Economic Benefits of PET project for Guatemala

370. Social and Economic Benefits of PET project for Guatemala

Recently the world faces many challenges of electrical  supply, which is vital to develop the industry, production and other activities that human do.


This need, has become an opportunity for lots of countries like Latin-American, which have lots of natural resources, that being well used can produce enough clean energy and attract more investments and currencies for our nations.

TRECSA is a Colombian enterprise that develops the expanding plan project of transmission of Guatemalan energy, known as PET-01-2009

This project consist in constructing 857 kilometers of transmission line all along Guatemala.

In lots of communities now that they have energy, it has been seen distinct businesses flourish, which has generated jobs and economic incomes for people.

The company has Corporate Social Responsability in health, education, among others; which has benefited neighboring communities.

The PET-01-2099 project is carrying social and economic benefits, to the close areas where transmission lines pass.

Our region has a great potential to generate energy, through the power of hydraulics, wind, biomass and lots of other elements that will create  a huge energy industrial development.

Considered a "National Project" and being implemented with high quality, economic, social and environmental standards, the PET-01-2099 will contribute to reduce the duration and frequency of blackouts, through the safety transfer of energy from one place to another, improving the life quality of Guatemalans.

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