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369. Cultivation of Wasabi in Canada

369. Cultivation of Wasabi in Canada

Wasabi, is a very special plant, mainly is farmed in the mountains of Japan. This plant requires a lot of water and is normally used for sushi. However their properties are countless and goes further than only being used for accompany food.


The T'souke community located in the Vancouver Island of Canada, is a community  that has become self-sustaining, they have implemented a Project to grow Wasabi, for this they have construct green houses, to contribute with food security, generate income and contribute with the health of the citizens. The green houses have the most latest technology for process automation. 

Wasabi has a lot of medical properties, if you consume a big chunk of this, it can decongest your nose, clear and moisture your eyes, it is very good for allergies, much of this crop is directed to the nutraceutical market.

It also has a great potential in healthy food, which is very consistent with the objectives of the indigenous communities of Canada. This project is contributing to the Economical and Food Development of the community.

The vision is pass from one generation to another, that's why  children are learning agriculture in schools, so that present and future generations continue the growth of crops. 

The T'Sou-ke community has a global vision. following this same line they have become members of the Global Network of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, which was initiated in 2014 in Guatemala as a result of the 5th World Indigenous Business Forum.

The sustainable projects of the community cover lots of areas as solar energy, oyster production and crafts elaboration, among others. This projects have been of interest to the media press, which have supported the disclosure  to be examples for other communities around the world.


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