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368. Bridge Association, promoting integral rural development

368. Bridge Association, promoting integral rural development

The rural area of Guatemala has many strengths and potentials that must be exploited


to achieve integral rural development.

Currently there are institutions as Bridge Association, which helps with various programs in different communities to bring a better life for population.

One of the objectives in which they focus their work is to decrease malnutrition and combat poverty in places where they have presence.

Currently they are working in Santa María Cahabon in Alta Verapaz, Chichicastenango, Quiche, Santa Apolonia Chimaltenango and now it is beginning a project in San Rafael Las Flores, Jalapa.  These municipalities have some of the highest rates of malnutrition, extreme poverty, lack of opportunities, maternity and very high maternal mortality.

Bridge Association prioritizes its work with women, fundamental pillar of family, who is able to do the changes in her family and her community.

The first module in which focuses is how to bring a better life standard, as live better, in topics as family and personal hygiene, training in food preparation, nutrition and child care.

The second module consists in Productive Project training, for women to start micro-business according to their interests and participate in local saving and credit associations, allowing them to save money throughout  the year.

The work from volunteers are essential, they move to communities to install water filters, improved stoves, solar panels, water tanks, among other goods that are donated, that improve the living standards of people. 

It is admirable the commendable work done by Bridge Association, a role model, to promote rural integral development in the countries.

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