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The electric energy is too important for the development of countries, for the operating of companies, to may access to the new technologies in education, which means more opportunities for people to development themselves, to have internet access, to have a cellular, to connect appliances, and within increase life quality.


Guatemala is a country with a huge potential for energy generation through the renewable natural resources, which decreases the costs for the population.

The Wind Park of San Antonio El Sitio is a company that has put in place programs of wind energy generation, becoming a motor of integral development for Guatemala. This park is the first one in Guatemala and is located in Villa Canales, Guatemala. 

The implementation of a good energetic policy in Guatemala has permitted the diversification of the energy grid. It is important to continue implementing wind energy plants, thereby producing clean energy, to maintain the environment where we live on and use the resources the world give us, as in this case, the wind that blows in all the national territory. For the construction of the Wind Park of San Antonio El Sitio it uses workforce of people living nearby.

The wind energy projects carry development to the communities where are held as well as surrounding communities, this park has implemented programs of Corporate Social Responsibility in health, education and infrastructure, among others.

In a near future Guatemala will become a Hub for electrical energy exportation.  Guatemala has all the potential to become an energetic center of the region in Central America and the Caribbean.

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