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Guatemala has artists and professionals with great potentials and extraordinary talents, who have excelled on international scenarios, bringing home the applause and admiration of the public.


It is too important for the economic and social development of our society that the public and private sector supported the unconditional to arts, culture and music.

A success case in Guatemala is the Quintet “Gotas de Luz”, which is integrated by 5 brothers, who from small had integrated renowned chorus in national and international level, now they sing in 16 different languages and play 35 instruments each one.      

They have an artistic heritage, from their mother who sing and their father who at the beginning, sang with them and now is the manager and musical director of Gotas de Luz.

The 5 brothers are grandchildren from the recognized Guatemalan songwriter, Jose Ernesto Monzon, “El Cantor del Paisaje” “The singer of the landscape”, who composed songs about many places from Guatemala. 

They also integrate a Marimba group, directed by their grandfather Marco Hernandez who was director of many prestigious marimbas of Guatemala.

This Quintet has presented in scenarios around the world, by becoming winners of multiples awards, among those, they won 5 awards in Hollywood in arts championships and in the Olympics World Art, also President Barack Obama named them children wonders.

One of our multiples potentials and the most important of all is our people, who are characterized for entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance and engagement to drive the development of our nation.

There are illustrious Guatemalans that dedicate all their days to strengthen the economic and social development of our nation, among them the Quintet Gotas de Luz, who have reaped various awards throughout of their musical carrier, thus attracting the eyes of the world to our country, thank to their potential artistic, cultural and musical, and their great talent.


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