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Guatemala is a Country that has great forest potential. The forests cover equivalent to 47% of the total land area, being able to reach 90%, able to lodge more than 1,400 species of trees.


The forest activity contributes with the economy of million Guatemalans to generate about of 880,000 jobs direct and indirect; it is also a fundamental activity to promote rural development.

In Guatemala we have a lot of species of trees that can be energetically and other that can be species for woods

In to the energetically species we have varieties as eucalyptus, leucaena, prosopis, alder and many varieties more, some of these varieties are used to provide shade for coffee plantings. 

In Guatemala increasingly are having more boom tech energy forests plantation to generate biomass energy through charcoal. 

Among the most known biomasses are the energy forests, also can be used the rice husk, the coffee husk, the macadamia nut husk. 

Recently came to Guatemala the technology to produce charcoal briquettes, to be used in the generation of electric energy for communities where the national electrification system is not present and also can be use for the elaboration of water filters.

It is important to encourage in the rural area, a culture for a good management of forest forests completely self sustainable.

Promote the sustainability in forest sector is essential to encourage the integral development of Guatemala.

We have a great potential of forests resources that have being well used, because they promote the introduction of various industry activities, that generate thousands of jobs and propitiate better living conditions for Guatemalans.

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