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The Central American Integration is one of the great hopes that have had our ancestors, which will allow us as a bloc, achieve comprehensive development we wish for Central Americans.

Regional Integration represents for member countries, trade opportunities, new investments and cooperation programs that generate economic, social and human development, which allow improving the living standards of the people.

This process began in the 60s, as an initiative of the Presidents of the countries of the isthmus: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and decided to form two organisms; the Secretariat for Economic Integration - SIECA and the Central American Bank of Economic Integration -BCIE, as a financial arm designed to promote social and economic development of each of the five Central American countries.

Currently they are also part of the Central American Bank of Economic Integration; Panama and Dominican Republic, countries that are considered in the region.

The bank also has extra-regional partners such as the countries of Taiwan, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

The primary mission of the BCIE is financing projects in the public and private sectors, aimed at infrastructure, care of the environment, energy matrix and the promotion of micro, small and medium enterprises through credit lines grants to local banks in each of the countries of Central America, besides attending projects inherent to education and public health.

The purposes of the Central American Integration are to strengthen the region as an economic bloc to insert successfully in the international economy, to promote in a harmonious and balanced way economic, social, cultural and political sustained development of member countries and the region as a whole.

Together Central Americans can benefit more from all our resources.

It is important that institutions such as the Central American Bank of Economic Integration are strengthened to consolidate the integration of the Region of Central America, which allows us further development.

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