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There are several factors that allow countries experiencing economic growth, innovation, technology, cybernetics, banking and level of industrialization. Banking and related services are crucial to increase competitiveness and achieve economic and social development of our countries.



In the XXI Century banking has evolved considerably, making the time and great distances to be overcome to streamline everyday activities of people.


Bantrab Financial Group is an institution that has consistently been implementing a number of innovative services to people, businesses and corporations, helping to simplify processes.


Sergio Hernández, President of Bantrab Financial Group, is considered a dreamer, grateful to belong to Guatemala, who proudly calls it "a country full of opportunities"; growing in very poor conditions he managed to get forward by effort and working hard to achieve their ideals taking advantage of the opportunities that were presented to him.


Sergio Hernández emphasized that to succeed in life requires a lot of sacrifice and effort, and Guatemala is a country where we can make dreams come true if we are to that goal, always in the hands of education because this is the key to success both of the person and the institution, which is why Bantrab supports the training and education of its employees through the corporate university that has internally.


Bantrab is currently the fifth biggest financial group in Guatemala, which gives the opportunity to manage two billion dollars in assets thanks to the effort of extraordinary executives working in the institution, in addition the bank has approximately 780,000 shareholders.



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