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351. Craft Hats Production in Santa Cruz Del Quiche

351. Craft Hats Production in Santa Cruz Del Quiche

Santa Cruz del Quiché, the Land of Tecum Uman of the City of Gumarcaj, historic land of brave people and a lot of culture, where production of handmade hats made of straw from the coast is given.


Santa Cruz del Quiché is the cradle of the Maya-Quiché tradition; producers of hats, since they´re little, have instilled to them entrepreneur spirit, not only in the academic area but also in its traditions and culture.

The production and commercialization of hats in Quiché has passed from generation to generation, since they’re little, producers are introduced to the work of making straw hats. This is a case of familiar economy, is a centralized, organized group that specialize, for example in the customer base, organizing orders and the entire production logistics to carry each customer their product, since today days, globalization requires total quality.

It is important that training is encouraged in the elaboration of this type of crafts, which contributes to development and economic growth of families in rural areas and is a source of employment for people.

Each year has progressed in quality and design of hats for better presentation and commercialization of products for the various markets. Small entrepreneurs in the production of handmade hats, help each other to grow and improve the quality of manufacture.

It is important to keep up to compete at a global level, implement all the knowledge acquired and see how to improve the product; dabble in the academic area to establish production research, but above all, have attitude, discipline, set goals and never give up.

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