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346. TRECSA, the New Super Road of Power

346. TRECSA, the New Super Road of Power

Today the world faces many challenges resulting from energy supply, which is vital to develop the industry, production and other activities that humans perform.

This need has become an opportunity for many countries like Latin-American countries, which are owners of rich water sources, which being well used can produce enough clean energy and attract more investment and foreign exchange for our nations.

Energy is a key element for various activities in the current era; it depends on the industry, commerce and the whole population in general.

Guatemala has great potential to become a developed country because it has the needed resources which are required to potentiate and maximize through investments.

Our region is owner of great potential for generating electrical energy through hydropower, wind, biomass and countless elements that would create a huge energy industrial development.

Considered a "National Project" and executed with the highest standards of quality, economic, social and environmental, PET-01-2009 will help reduce the frequency and duration of outages, through the secure transfer of electricity from a place to another, improving the quality of life of Guatemalans.

This project seeks to cover all regions that integrate the country to benefit the population; a country with energy is a developed country.

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