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345. Guatemala in a Globalized World

345. Guatemala in a Globalized World

We live in a time of great changes, which require the implementation of a good foreign policy between countries to maintain excellent relations, establishing business investment and international cooperation agreements.

To do so, it requires strategic, political and commercial alliances with different countries, which allow increasing exports and imports, impacting positively on increasing domestic production, generating new jobs and improving the life quality of Guatemalans.

One of the major problems that Guatemala is facing is migration; its main cause is the lack of opportunities and employment, so is essential a plan in order to create new development opportunities and jobs in the region to prevent people migration.

It is important for the State to provide health, education, energy and roads so that people may have better opportunities, avoid migration and join the organized crime, that´s why the development of the region is very important, encouraging investment and resources in the most common areas where people stood to migrate.

Guatemala needs to encourage the creation of more jobs and investment, promote human capital development in the population to have the highest quality to qualify for jobs; invest in security and ensure access to justice by strengthening the states to have the ability to play an important role in the development of the region.

The great challenge of the Northern Triangle of Central America is to attract more investment to promote our main strength and wealth that are the resources of the region to develop the full potential of it.

In the XXI century is essential that all countries head in the direction to maintain excellent relations.

Guatemala entered into a new era; it faces a globalized world, to which tools that allow us to improve the foreign policy of our country for the benefit of the population are required, allowing to offer more and better opportunities for all Guatemalans.

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