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For its excellent climate, several regions of Guatemala are devoted to the cultivation and export of macadamia nut. The country is rich in favorable climates and regions for culture.


The macadamia nut is the new breeding ground for the development of Guatemala and Latin America. The first nuts were brought from Hawaii, and Guatemala has been experimenting with new varieties belonging to the area to seek higher yields and fruit quality.

The macadamia is a crop that comes from many years ago, gives lots of work to people as it occurs throughout the year, is generated from January to December, which generates a lot of source of employment. It also protects the environment and biodiversity of the area.

The nursery garden means hard work because each plant requires a lot of care to grow well and be ready to sow in the field. Furthermore, macadamia provides employment opportunities to women in the region.

The macadamia is a plant that its whole life needs care and management; the trees are in constant production, however they need pruning, fertilizing, harvesting of constant harvest, soil amendments, and other activities to be performed for the macadamia to stay healthy.

Macadamia is used for the consumption of humans, is also used as an ingredient for the manufacture of food such as flour, for the extraction of oils, cosmetics, among other uses. The macadamia is a powerhouse of vitamins, contains plenty of nutritious ingredients for health and nourishment.

The macadamia is the cultivation of the future; containers are exported mainly to the United States, Japan and China. Guatemala produces the best coffee in the world, but also has the potential to become the largest producer of macadamia worldwide. Guatemala is currently the third largest producer and exporter in the world. It is now working in the grafting of new varieties of macadamia as a strategy for continued growth in the global market, whose productions are early and have a better quality of fruit.

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