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341. Public Safety and Police Reform

341. Public Safety and Police Reform

Safety is a key factor to achieve the Integral Development of our countries.

Currently we are experiencing a crisis of insecurity worldwide, which has unleashed a series of unfavorable events for human, social and economic development.

The importance of making governance prevail lies in the multiplier effect arising from foster a safe environment, which promotes the welfare of society, encourages investment and various economic activities, including tourism, industry and services.

To get a better National Civil Police has begun the Police Reform, which is the creation and implementation of the career system which includes a whole educational policy of professional training, which is the backbone on which the policing transformation is based.

The Police Reform is raising the technical, academic and human level of each of the members of the National Civil Police.

It is the only instrument that has worked and can make that the police do what the public expects and the state needs, summarized on respect, trust and confidence.

The implementation of the use of technology like video surveillance cameras, GPS and drones, among others, makes the agents have tools that enable them to work more efficiently.

The National Civil Police faces a series of challenges to restore public safety and that all Guatemalans regain confidence in the institutions responsible for their welfare and safety.

 1310,    30  Oct  2018 ,

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