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339. Tempisque Rice, the Best of Central America and the Caribbean

339. Tempisque Rice, the Best of Central America and the Caribbean

Guatemala is possessed of fertile soils, which produce a lot of world class products, where rice stands out, apart from being a product of local consumption; it also provides significant amounts of minerals, vitamins and various nutrients, directly strengthening food and nutrition security.

AMEPAO is the Association of Medium and Small Agricultural Producers from the East, which through its association promote agricultural diversification, training, modernization and technology transfer, fostering sustainable growth in rice production.

Tempisque is a community located in the town of Agua Blanca, Jutiapa, Guatemala, Central America, where the majority of its population is engaged in the production and marketing of rice.

This generate the creation of jobs for people who live there and for nearby communities.

Agricultural diversification is important because it is a very valuable tool in rural overall development.

Rice production in Guatemala means improvements in food and nutrition security, agricultural production and the quality of life of the population.

It is important that public and private institutions support and strengthen small and medium producers, which generate development.

For its quality, Tempisque Rice is listed as the Best of Central America and the Caribbean.

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