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337. Growth and Development of the PYMEs

337. Growth and Development of the PYMEs

Approximately 85% of the GDP of Latin America and the Caribbean, come from the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, by its acronym in Spanish, so it is essential to provide the necessary capabilities to this sector to promote their growth and development.

In Latin America the PYMEs have developed considerably, mainly in rural areas, contributing to the overall development of our nations.

Increasing the productivity of companies is necessary, so systematic, technical and in line with market demands training is essential.

Globalization demands that companies have to be more competitive to meet international requirements.

In that sense the Arthur Lok Jack Business School of Trinidad and Tobago and the Guatemalan Exporters Association - -AGEXPORT- signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of developing joint academic programs to develop and enhance competitiveness of PYMEs, with a focus on innovation and internationalization.

Entrepreneurship should be encouraged at the community, municipal, provincial and regional levels to help entrepreneurs improve their managerial skills.

The Growth and Development of PYMEs, will help promote economic and social development in Guatemala and Latin America.

The importance of these sectors lies in the creation of new jobs, which triggers a series of positive events for the direct workers and their families; also contribute to the growth and development of countries.

Globally it is recognized that the implementation of training strategies can increase the level of competitiveness of economies, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of products and services.

To increase the competitiveness of the PYMEs, the Arthur Lok Jack Business School of Trinidad and Tobago, in its new headquarters in Guatemala, will give next year's Masters in Development and Growth for PYMEs, providing a wide range of services for the growing success and sustainability of new innovative companies.

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