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336. Industrialization of Latin America and the Caribbean

The industrial sector plays an important role in the development of the countries, becoming one of the fundamental pillars for economic and social growth.

The industrialization development has allowed the simplification of processes, allowing them to be more efficient and companies become more competitive, responding to changes required by globalization.

AILA is the Latin American Industrialists Association, is made up of the most representative organizations of private industrial enterprises in Latin America in each country; in order to represent and defend the common interests of the industrial sector of the region and promote exchange and cooperation among its members.

For a country to be considered developed, the industry has to contribute 24% of GDP.

In most countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, the industrial sector contributes approximately 12%.

It is extremely important to give support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – MiPYMEs by its acronym in Spanish, representing approximately 85% of the economy of our countries, so they can industrialize their traditional processes.

From the year 2,014 Guatemala will preside the Latin American Industrialists Association - AILA, which represents a great opportunity for our country to become an industrialized country.

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