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335. Potential of the Mining Industry in Latin America

335. Potential of the Mining Industry in Latin America

The use of mining materials comes from times of ancient civilizations, used in the manufacture of tools, sculptures and buildings, among others.


With the arrival of the Spanish, mining was consolidated in our countries, mainly in the extraction of gold and silver, now are identified deposits of other metallic and non-metallic materials, which represent a significant profit, which expands opportunities for Latin Americans.

The potential of the mining industry in Latin America is huge, countries like Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, have based their development in mining, accounting for a high percentage of the GDP of those nations.

The mining companies implement Social Responsibility Programs in the communities where they operate and in their areas of influence; health, education, environment and production projects.

One of the main companies involved in mining in Latin America, is the Buenaventura Mining of Peru, which in its 60 years of foundation has brought sustainable development to communities.

Responsible Mining is an opportunity for development; this industry includes environmental protection programs, offset used areas and improves the surrounding areas through reforestation, vegetation, land reclamation and conservation of flora and fauna.

The development of the countries is based on 4 pillars: development of the energy sector, construction, hydrocarbons or petroleum and mining.

We must have a positive attitude towards the various projects that we face, it is necessary that we encourage greater investment to promote overall development and improve the living standards of Latin Americans.

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