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334. Strengths and Potentials of Agua Blanca, Jutiapa

162 kilometers from Guatemala City, the town of Agua Blanca in Jutiapa department is located.


Inhabits a population with a huge agricultural, commercial and tourist potential, with an agricultural diversity that constitutes a solid foundation for its economy.

Is called Agua Blanca because in most of its mineral water springs is whitish and especially was called so, because of the Viejo Ojo de Agua (water source) existing in the village.

The inhabitants of the town of Agua Blanca concentrate their economic potential in agricultural production; rice, tomato, vegetables, creating jobs that improve their income and have a better life for their families, bringing development to their town and Guatemala.

The current municipal corporation is making a remarkable management for the population, bringing basic services to communities, communal roads, electricity and schools among others.

The Municipal Office of Women in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development empowers women's groups in making crafts, shampoo and baking, allowing them to generate income for themselves and their families.

One of the attractions is the Obrajuelo Lagoon, a beautiful place that should be promoted and visited by national and international tourists.

Due to its proximity to El Salvador and Honduras, the producers of Agua Blanca Jutiapa have the opportunity to market their products, also to promote the natural beauty and take advantage of the tourism potential they have.

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