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333. Municipalities of the North of Huehuetenango, Peace, Harmony and Development

The municipalities of Santa Eulalia, Santa Cruz Barillas and San Mateo Ixtatán, Huehuetenango, have a great potential for economic and social development in their communities.

The issue of electricity generation in which many sectors have established their position is currently under discussion, but one of the most interesting arguments are the ones from their community leaders who share with optimism that the development of such projects bring benefits to their region.

The hydroelectric facility in the area will bring more benefits to the communities, with access to electricity, a key element to generate people development.

The residents of these municipalities are entrepreneur and visionary people who struggle every day to bring wellness to their communities.

It is very important that all sectors of civil society, promote the development of their communities in a peaceful way in which the dialogue is privileged and has as main goal the common good.

Guatemala needs all of us and that is why the importance of everyday awareness and take more responsibility for our actions and their impact on economic and social development of the nation.

Guatemalans are entrepreneurs and fighters when it comes to the welfare of our families, which is why the importance of having our minds always open to dialogue and new proposals that far from harming us, bring us closer to peace, harmony and development.

 1007,    30  Oct  2018 ,

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