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332. ENADE 2014 – Guatemala in Peace with all Security

Guatemala has untold riches, which being well used, directly contribute to the overall development.


It is important to move forward together towards the development, for which it is essential the participation of all sectors to eradicate the problems of insecurity and social conflict, it is the opportunity to work together and take our country forward.

On Thursday, October 9, at the Convention Center of the Camino Real Hotel, will be held the National Conference of Employers “ENADE" by its acronym in Spanish, where will be addressed the theme: "Guate in Peace with all Security" which aims, join forces to accelerate our steps towards the full development of Guatemala.

One of the main speakers will be Rudolph Giuliani, Mayor of the City of New York from the year 1,994 to 2,001 who during his tenure managed to reduce crime and homicides.

He was named Person of the Year by Time magazine in the year 2,001 for his leadership after the attacks of the year 2,001.

Another of the speakers will be the General Oscar Naranjo, General Director of the National Police of Colombia, who has made efforts to reduce violence and crime in his country and in the year 2,011 was named as the best cop in the world.

This year were made workshops previous to ENADE in San Pedro Carchá, in Guatemala City, Villa Nueva and Quetzaltenango, as part of the process to go socializing and building together the proposed “Guate in Peace with all Security”, Mayors have to do a critical role in the security issue.

One of the goals of ENADE 2,014 is to create an Overall Strategic Security Plan that will help to keep on track institutions such as the Public Ministry, the Judiciary, the Constitutional Court, Interior Ministry and the Public Defender Criminal Institute.

The problem of security and justice is one of the biggest challenges to improve our competitiveness indicators and promote the growth of sustained economic that generates millions of jobs.


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