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328. Central America towards a New Model of Economic and Social Development

The countries of Central America and the Caribbean have enormous capacities and potentials in production and organizational terms.

We have a number of competitive and comparative advantages, not forgetting the great diversity of natural resources that we have, which we must make the best advantage in projects to generate jobs, economic and social development.

On August 19th of the year 2,014 will be held in Guatemala the V Esquipulas Regional Forum, the theme for this year is Central America towards a New Model of Economic and Social Development, and it pretends to make proposals that will lead to public policies that allow integral development for the region.

This year like all previous years the Forum will have the participation of all sectors of Guatemalan society and several former presidents of Latin America, to expose to the public their experiences in their administration.

In addition there will be the presence of the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, who will be the principal speaker and other several national speakers.

There will also be various workshops that will bring together the ideas of the people attending the forum, to also provide their opinions.

Central America and the Caribbean have many strengths and potentials, which we must seize the efficiently to achieve the integral development we need.

To reduce poverty is essential to implement public policies to attract more investment and create more jobs in our region.

As block all our countries can become more competitive with other economies in other latitudes and thus economic growth will be reflected in economic and social development for the entire population.

 971,    30  Oct  2018 ,

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