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304. Guatemala in the Global Economy

In recent years we have seen the inclusion of Guatemala to the global economy, maintaining a stable economic growth, which has led to increased foreign investment and exports of domestic goods and services.

Guatemala is a land of entrepreneurial and proactive people, people who are able to move forward, it is time to take advantage of all our resources to make them productive, promote investment attraction and work together to move the country forward, we have the necessary elements to become a developed country.

Guatemala has great potential in various productive sectors that can attract more investment in hydroelectric plants, mining, oil, agriculture, services, among others.

It is extremely important the implementation of strategies and policies to increase the competitiveness of our country and thus create more jobs.

It is important to strengthen the MSME sector; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, as it represent approximately 85% of the national economy and employs the majority of the Guatemalan population.

According to international indices Guatemala today is classified as an emerging economy.

Our country has many treaties and trade agreements, which opens up new opportunities that will allow us to insert ourselves into the global economy.

The Latin American Integration is essential in order to compete with other continental blocks as China, Asia and the European Union.

Our good relationship with all neighboring countries, is an element that should be used to increase trade globally.

Guatemala's economy is the strongest in the region of Central America and the Caribbean, this should be fully exploited to achieve sustainable economic growth, establishing itself as the focal point for attracting investment and economic reactivation in the region.


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