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302. Youth, Innovation and Creativity

Young people represent 70 percent of the Guatemalan population, which is an important element to accelerate the integral development of our country.


A very important feature of young entrepreneurs is that their development is based on innovation and creativity, making proposals that drive new economic sectors that generate sources of employment improving the quality of life of people.

Today, young people are transcending and venturing in the professional and business area, their companies are becoming true development engines.

Every day around the world more people venture into business, several studies emphasize that Guatemala ranks second worldwide in the Rate of Early Entrepreneurship, young people between 18 and 34 years old occupy 60% of entrepreneurs in our country.

Young people are pillar of the development of Guatemala, in the short and medium term will be the ones taking the most important decisions, we must assume the commitment of prepare them to successfully meet the demands of the third millennium.

Guatemalans are entrepreneurial, fighters and always in the search of new challenges to turn them into better opportunities for present and future generations.

Youth entrepreneurship transcends borders; there are companies of young Guatemalans already exporting its products to several countries.

We believe in the potential of new generations, we should expand their opportunities to become men and women whose work, creativity and positive attitude will reach amazing things to accelerate the integral development of Guatemala.

Let us remember that with effort and dedication we can achieve success.

 1320,    30  Oct  2018 ,

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