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301. Volunteer Firefighters, Security, Prevention and Development

In the year 1,951 the Meritorious Volunteer Firefighters of Guatemala (Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Guatemala) was founded, this institution focuses and dedicates all its efforts on safety, by supporting emergency cases and prevention of accidents or situations that endanger the lives of Guatemalans.

Gradually has been growing the level of professionalism that our firefighters have acquired, to provide service throughout Guatemala today there are 130 companies throughout the Republic and more than 5,000 elements.

In their long career have saved millions of lives, their enterprising spirit contributes to economic and social development of the nation. They also promote education in all segments of the population teaching them what to do in a critical moment.

Volunteer Firefighters focus much of their work on preventive education through radio and television campaigns aimed to the Guatemalan population to prevent emergencies that may occur as earthquakes, among other types of natural disasters and accidents that are caused by man.

In order for children to get involved and learn the work of firefighters, each year are formed the Child Brigades, so that they become the future firefighters.

Today the Meritorious Volunteer Firefighters of Guatemala (Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Guatemala) is listed as one of the institutions with best projection in Guatemala, with great recognition and credibility within the Guatemalan population, this is due to the values ​​that are developed within the institution.

All sectors of the country should provide the financial support that this institution needs and at the same time recognize the commendable work that these heroes do for the benefit of the population.

 1216,    30  Oct  2018 ,

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