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300. Guatemalan Cinema, Entrepreneurship, Opportunities and Development

Cinematography is an industry that generates hundreds of thousands of jobs, also allows the diversification and the involvement of various forms of art that are related due to the creativity involved in this industry.

In Guatemala last century 40 films were produced, such information changed in the 14 years of this new century, now we have around 80 productions, positioning us as one of the leaders with more experience and excellent reputation in the film industry of Central America.

For this reason it has become more visible the need to create a film law to enable the State of Guatemala receive direct benefits such as income for allowing the use of national location, which has been used by television companies and international cinema.

In Guatemala we have explored various productive activities for economic and social benefit of our society. It is very important explore new alternatives, such as film and television production that have brought success to Guatemala with productions like "Puro Mula" (Pure Mule), “Ovnis en Zacapa” (UFOs in Zacapa), “Capitán Orellana” (Captain Orellana), “Donde acaban los caminos” (Where the roads end), "Distancia” (Distance) and a series of productions, which although are not well known nationally have allowed the name of our country be known in film and television festivals, winning several awards of international stature.

We have talent, unique locations, people with great potential who are prepared to carry out various productions. There are Guatemalans who have participated in the production of documentaries for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Furthermore there are productions that have made famous the landscapes of our nation like Star Wars and Apocalypto.

Currently the TV production "Morena, Amor bajo la Luna" (Brunette, Love under the Moon) is being shot, which seeks to catapult our country to the international television market, as a good host for film production. We want attraction of investments and generation of economic and social development for Guatemala.

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