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390. Security, Key for Development

Security is a determinant factor to achieve integral development in the countries. It is a fundamental fact that in all the developed countries of  the world, security plays a fundamental role for integral development of any society.

There can be no investments if there is no security and, since there are no investments, there are no jobs and therefore what deprives is the lack of opportunities for population.

We are currently experiencing a globally security crisis, which has untied a series of unfavorable events for human, economic and social development.

The importance of making governability prevail lies a multiplying effect derived from promoting a safe environment in the country, which promotes wellness of society, encourages investments and diverse economic activities.

It's necessary to work as a team to improve security in Guatemala, which will trigger the benefits by promoting industry, services and tourism investments; At the same time, society can further develop its competitiveness in a safe environment.

For this purpose in Guatemala was created the National Security System, which coordinates all institutions to provide internal security to our country.

The Technical Secretary of the National Security System has prepared the strategic security plan which has been design so that there is continuity in the policies, actions and objectives that are currently being carried out.

This Strategic Plan of Security will be delivered to the President-elect Jimmy Morales, which gathers various vital issues for the security of Guatemala.

The institutions in charge of the security face several challenges, to reestablish citizen security and for all Guatemalans to regain confidence in the institutions responsible for this matter.

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