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389. Propolsals for Agricultural Development UNE – FCN Nación

The technification and training of agriculture, livestock and forestry activity in Guatemala is fundamental to increase productivity and competitivity in these sectors, expanding opportunities to add value to products and their derivatives. 

It's important to give access to technology and technical assistance to farmers, in order to achieve a production of quality and quantity to eradicate food insecurity, letting them be more competitive in the marketing of their products in different national and international markets.

It is also important to promote the implementation of productive projects in the communities, a source for job creation and economic incomes, improving the standard level of living of the families, contributing to the rural development of Guatemala.

In the framework of the XII Congress of Agricultural Engineers of Guatemala, the forum was held between the political parties UNE-FCN Nación, which made their proposals for agricultural development of Guatemala, topics that have been included in their action plan to increase agricultural production and develop the rural area.

Agriculture represents approximately 23% of Gross Domestic Product and 75% of exports in the national economy.

Guatemala has sufficient agricultural, livestock and forestry resources to guarantee food and nutrition security of the population, allowing surplus to be exported worldwide.  

It is fundamental the strengthen agricultural production in the country, to maintain disponibility and satisfy the demand and impulse development of new techniques, which allow to offer quality and accessible products for population.

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