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With the arrival of the XXI century, the way of doing business has become more efficient, reducing time, costs and maximizing the benefits.


We are part of a real technological revolution, which makes wider the opportunities of triumph and at the same time represents a challenge to stay ahead.

In our country, the technology is exploited positively by entrepreneurs from different generations, thanks to the support of the visionary enterprises like MISSION, that have found spaces to compete in the globalized world and to generate employment for the population.

Mission is an alternative to computers with an affordable price that offers a new operative system without Internet, with more than 115 preinstalled apps in the hard disk.

Two of the principal applications that Mission has, are focused on education, one of them is the full encyclopedia with themes on math, science and finance; and a productivity app so people can work in spreadsheet, a word processor and a program for applications developing.

The innovation and the optimal use of technology, are indispensable tools to increase our competitiveness.

The Mission computer is an innovative project which serves as a platform for those who wish to undertake and transcend in the XXI century.

Its creation and function is an advantage that Guatemalans should exploit to conquer new international markets.

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