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388. Agriculture for the Development of Guatemala

The Agricultural Sector is very important for Latin American countries, because a great percentage of the population depends on this activities.


In Guatemala the agriculture constitutes an engine of the national economy, generating more than 1 million jobs and represents 40% of the exportations.

To give a great impulse to agriculture in the country exists the Agriculture Chamber of Guatemala, which is integrated by 13 associations, one of the main objectives is to give sustainability to the agricultural sector, also by the market intelligence search access for new markets.   

In this institution is represented the main agro industrial products: coffee, sugar, banana, rubber, palm, pigs, also in conjunction with milk chamber, which is basically represented all the agricultural sector of Guatemala.

To develop the agricultural sector, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food has to be the institution in charge to support the agriculture and Livestock extension, which has to be accompanied by research, implementation of new agricultural techniques as irrigation systems, micro tunnels, macro tunnels, green houses, net houses, among others.

It is shown that science and technology, play a fundamental role for development, that's why is very important to know new cultivation techniques that will allow the increment of the agriculture productivity.

To have a sustainable agriculture and mitigate climate change, it is important for farmers to implement Good Agricultural Practice friendly with environment. The Agriculture Policy of Guatemala, must be based in development and sustainability, for that it is necessary to provide technical and financial consulting for farmers in order to improve their productivity.


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