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Guatemala has a great cultural wealth that is manifested in the handicrafts produced in the 22 departments and 338 municipalities.


The craft area is a driving force to boost rural development; the crafts workshops creates job opportunities for youth, women and men,  which expands their opportunities for improvement and a better life style.

The crafts production in Guatemala, is an excellent opportunity to access new markets. The crafts sector, generates employment, because provides around one million job opportunities,  which the 70% are women, in their majority indigenous people, dispersed in the 22 departments of Guatemala, with major concentration in the West and Central part of the country.  

Guatemalan handicrafts, especially the textiles, each one are unique and recognized globally.  They have achieved positioning and recognition in different countries by their quality and innovation in designs that are adapted to global trends, this has attracted big designers.

The handicrafts production in Guatemala is a long tradition, a legacy that is transferred generation by generation, making them one of the main pillars of the economy of many rural communities.

The "New World Crafts" Central American Handicrafts Exhibition organized by AGEXPORT, is an innovation showcase for the crafts sector, year by year the expositors present their new collections, allowing them to conquer new markets.

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