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With the arrive of the 21st century,  the way to make business has become more efficient, reducing time, costs and maximizing the benefits.

We are participants of a genuine technological revolution, which expand the opportunities to triumph and the same time represents a challenge to be vanguard.

Recently has been installed in Escuintla, Guatemala the Sollen-Mobile manufacturing plant, which will be dedicated to assemble phones and tablets, with Korean technology and it is expected in the future to make televisions and screen for commercial adds.

Actually, it has been training people that will be in charge of different areas with the aim to  make efficient the process, since the Human Resources of Guatemala is high qualified.

With the Sollen Mobile plant it will be enhance ties between South Korea and Guatemala.

It has been contemplated that the electronics industry in Guatemala become a Technological sector with technical service of high quality.

The innovation and optimal use of technology, are essential tools to increase the competitiveness.

The mobile phones and tables of the Sollen - Mobile enterprise, is an innovative project that serves as a platform for people who desire to undertake and transcend in the 21st century.

The facility of the Sollen - Mobile plant will take development to Escuintla and Guatemala and it is expect in medium term generate hundreds of jobs.

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