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378. Ancient Mayan Culture for the Development of Guatemala

378. Ancient Mayan Culture for the Development of Guatemala

Guatemala is known globally by their cultural wealth in their customs, traditions, folklore, ancient history, fabrics art, mayan worldview, crafts, among others that identify each region of Guatemala. This legacy is a great opportunity to promote it.


The Mayan Civilization was one of the most advanced in the world, being Guatemala the cradle of Mesoamerica, Heart of the Mayan World, the most developed.

To publicize more this important elements that our country and the region has, it has been contemplated the construction of the Mayan Museum of America, a high class museum that will put Guatemala in the sight if the world, expecting to be visit by 1 million of tourists annually.

Guatemala is known worldwide by being the Heart of the Mayan World, possessor of the most ancient cities of the humanity, populated and extensive, with the biggest edifications of the world, that’s why the UNESCO declared it as Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. 

The Mayan World Museum will be a window to our country and will attract people to know our culture, customs and traditions. This museum will be very educational for the Guatemalans and the tourists, which will become an enclosure of archeology exhibitions  of the Mayan civilization and their historical heritage. It is expected to finish it in 2019. Besides the  Mayan World Museum  will be located the Crafts Market.

It is important to continue promoting our culture, the tourism at a national and international level, which permits us to generate more jobs, providing more and better opportunities for the population.

 1864,    30  Oct  2018 ,

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